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Real Couple: Nikki & Brad

Location: Los Alamitos, California

Their Digs: They rent a 2-bedroom, 2-bath apartment for now. They’re planning to buy in the next six months.

Home Buying Help – Money Management Tools – Home Decorating Ideas – Free Recipes

Ages: She’s 26; he’s 25.

Together Since: February 2007

Wedding Date: January 26, 2008

How They Met: Nikki was delivering concert tickets to her friend Ryan in Los Angeles. Ryan and Brad were friends and introduced them. She invited them to a fundraiser she was hosting the next night, and they actually came! She celebrated the success pretty enthusiastically, so Brad offered to give her a ride home. Unbeknownst to her, she left her wallet in his car, so she had to drive to Ventura from LA to pick it up. They ended up having a four-hour lunch. A week later they went out on their first official date and instantly felt a connection. They were engaged within five months!

Careers: Nikki is an event and wedding coordinator; Brad is an independent adjuster.

Have Sex: Five times a week or more

Baby Clock: They plan to start trying in the next three years, unless a pleasant surprise comes earlier.

Pets: Two cats named Rogue and Mystique and a tortoise named Petry

Biggest Compromise: Brad moved down to where Nikki lived for a year, so she agreed to move away from her family up to Ventura for “as long as we can handle it,” says Nikki.

Interests & Hobbies: Nikki loves modern, tap, and belly dancing as well as card making. Brad likes Warhammer and World of Warcraft. They both love to travel as well.

Guilty Pleasures: Playing Nintendo Wii

No One Knows: Nikki has gotten Brad into not only watching but getting excited about So You Think You Can Dance, Step It Up and Dance, and America's Best Dance Crew.

Splurge: Their new leather couches and big-screen TV

Anniversary Gift: “We haven't gotten there yet, but we really want to go back to Big Bear where we spending our honeymoon snowboarding and snuggling up by a fire,” says Nikki.

Nicknames: They use “Snoodle-bug” for each other, but Nikki sometimes calls her husband “Billy-Brad” because his first name is William (he goes by his middle name, Brad).

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-- Caitlin Losey

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