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Real Couple: Rachel & Brian

Meet Rachel and Brian! If you think all these photos with gorgeous backgrounds were taken on their honeymoon, you thought wrong. These two live in Dominica! Find out how they ended up in the tropics after the jump.

Their Digs: They rent a 2-bedroom condo on Dominica until they move back to the US in a few years.

Ages: 25 and 25 (just 14 days apart!)

How They Met: Rachel was Brian’s RA in the dorms at the University of Kansas -- it was college infatuation at first sight!

Years Together: Six

Married For: A little over a year

Career: Brian is a medical student, and Rachel is the campus architect for Brian’s medical school.

Baby Clock: They’ve got to be 30 first…and living in the US.

Pets: They have a chocolate Lab named Ally, who they got three years into their relationship. They weren’t able to bring her with them, so she’s currently living with Brian’s sister in Florida.

Fight Most About: What island to travel to next

Biggest Worry: Where Brian’s clinical rotations will take them; they won’t know where they’ll move in April until February or so.

Fantasy Buy: A boat so they could water-ski more often.

Who Makes More: Currently, Brian is rapidly racking up medical school debt while Rachel pays the bills…give him five years and that’ll change!

Interests & Hobbies: They love to do adventurous things together: scuba dive, water-ski, hike up the Colorado mountains and Dominica waterfalls. They also love to travel around the Caribbean, watch NCAA basketball together, and spend time on the beach.

Favorite Sports Team: Their alma mater, the University of Kansas Jayhawks

Who Loves to Cook: Brian studies 16 hours a day, so Rachel does all the cooking, which can get tricky with the limited types of food available on the island.

Splurge: Travel, travel, travel…and scuba diving

Guilty Pleasures: Buying imported goods from the US at very high prices…but some things are just worth it!

Decorating Style: Modern with a Caribbean twist

Favorite Vacation Spot: Dominica is absolutely beautiful, but they think Montserrat was their favorite trip so far.

Anniversary Gift: A trip to Grenada -- it was amazing!

Spend the Weekends: They go scuba-diving every Saturday morning.

On Weeknights: They eat dinner together while watching the sun set over the Caribbean.

More About Rachel & Brian: It’s been an interesting year of marriage; they have all the same issues a normal newlywed couple would have, but learning how to overcome them on a tropical island has made the experience even more remarkable. They can’t wait to buy a house, but 10 years from now, looking back at the time they spent together in the Caribbean will be precious! They miss all of their family and friends, but they’ve had a chance to meet several other couples in Dominica. They’re very excited to see what the future will bring -- it’ll surely never be dull!

-- Caitlin Losey

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