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Real Couple: Stacey & Ryan

Location: Philadelphia
Wedding Date: July 29, 2006
Together For: Almost five years
Age: He’s 30; she’s 29.
Career: Ryan’s a teacher; Stacey’s a guidance counselor.

We asked Stacey and Ryan to answer the same questions separately; here’s what they said:

After our first date, I thought…
Ryan: Wow, this girl has serious potential. She has all the things I’m looking for in a long-term relationship.
Stacey: Not only is he good looking, he’s smart and athletic too! Hope he asks me out again!

A surprising thing my spouse doesn’t know about me is…
Ryan: I secretly enjoy shopping.
Stacey: I love watching The Hills on MTV, and I have a secret stash of candy in the house at all times.

The best gift my spouse ever gave me was…
Ryan: A map with directions to a surprise picnic at a picturesque location.
Stacey: Diamond earrings and a surprise weekend getaway to New York City.

The biggest stress in my life is…
Ryan: Work. Teaching hundreds of students is very demanding.
Stacey: Work and trying to keep work at work.

My best marriage advice is…
Ryan: Grow together and find common interests.
Stacey: Make your spouse your priority and spend quality time with each other.

The thing I do that annoys my spouse the most is…
Ryan: Rushing her as she peruses merchandise while shopping.
Stacey: My house-cleaning rampages and my inability to comprehend directions unless I’m located near a shopping complex.

My spouse drives me nuts when…
Ryan: She obsesses about maintaining a clean house.
Stacey: He repeats the same story in three different ways to get his point across.

We’ll have kids…
Ryan: Someday in the near future…
Stacey: Not this year, but maybe the next.

The best part of being married is…
Ryan: Knowing you have someone that loves you and supports you, and someone to share the joys of life with.
Stacey: Having a caring person to come home to each day that you love unconditionally.

The hardest part is…
Ryan: Compromising on decisions such as home improvements.
Stacey: Choosing your battles and learning when to accept differences.

How often would you say you have sex:
a) Hardly ever
b) Often, but not enough
c) Just the right amount
d) Too much

Both Ryan and Stacey answered "C."

When my spouse isn’t home, I…
Ryan: Usually work on the house and have a cold beer or three.
Stacey: Work on a creative project, go shopping, or take a nap.

My favorite memory with my spouse is…
Ryan: Probably our wedding and honeymoon.
Stacey: Our engagement and wedding day.

I really don’t like to ___________, but I do anyway because it makes my spouse happy.
Ryan: Watch girly shows on TV.
Stacey: Play Frisbee on a hot summer day.

I’ll tell you exactly where we’ll be in 20 years…
Ryan: Sitting on the patio of our new house helping our first child select a good college.
Stacey: At some after-school activity cheering on our children and sharing stories about our day afterward during dinner.

-- Caitlin Losey

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