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Real Couple: Teri & Curtis

Meet this soon-to-be-married couple who met on a surf trip (they bumped into each other at the grocery store!).

Location: Edmonton, Alberta (Canada)

Their Digs: They rent a 1,200-sq.-ft. home with 1 bedroom and 1 bath.

Ages: She’s 25; he’s 28.

Together Since: October 2007

Relationship Status: The wedding is set for August 20, 2011!

How You Met: “We met in a grocery store while both on separate surf trips in Tofino, BC,” says Teri. Curtis later proposed in the same spot!

Careers: Teri is studying adapted physical activity at the University of Alberta, and Curtis is an account manager for Backside Tours (a ski, surf, bike and golf tours company).

Baby Clock: Approximately 2014, when Teri will be done with her Masters Degree and will have started working

Most Annoying Habits: Teri always has a pile of clothes on the floor -- they’re clean, but she doesn’t put them away! Curtis is always eating candy, which leads Teri to eat a lot too! (When he gets the groceries, he comes home with candy.)

Biggest Compromise: Curtis was offered a research position in an HIV lab (he has a double degree in immunology and infection, as well as genetics) in London, Ontario. He turned down the offer so that they could continue to be together until Teri is done with school.

Interests & Hobbies: They both love skiing, surfing, camping, hiking, hockey, golf, movies, traveling, volleyball and dodgeball. (They stay active!)

Guilty Pleasures: Movie and candy nights (Curtis’s influence!)

Something Nobody Knows About Them: We both broke up with people we were dating after we met each other!

Nicknames You Have for Each Other: Teri calls him “Honey,” while Curtis calls Teri “Sugarbear.”

Pets: A cat named Maverick

Sex life: Two to three times a week

In 10 Years You Will Be: “Happily married home owners, chasing our kids in the yard,” says Teri.

-- Samantha Leal