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Real Couple: Tristan & Garrett

Their Digs: 2,000-sq.-ft. Colonial house in Madison, WI

She’s 24; he’s 26.

8 years

3 years

Garrett is a broadcast trainer, and Tristan is a web associate.

Fight Most About:
The thermostat -- Tristan’s been known to break out an electric blanket in the summer since Garrett keeps the house so cold.

Biggest Worry:
Getting caught up in their careers and not having time to do the things that really matter.

Their new 65” TV for the theater room!

They live for College Football Saturdays -- go Sooners!

Have Sex:
About twice a week; Garrett travels a lot for work, so they spend a lot of time apart.

Baby Clock:
Not yet, they like being a twosome right now, so maybe in a few years.

Favorite Sports Team:
They’re both huge OU Sooners fans (and Tristan is an OU alum).

He/She Loves to Cook:
Neither of them really loves to cook, and they’re guilty of going out to eat nearly every day. They just bought their first grill, so they’re attempting to make more home-cooked meals and have been trying new cooking/grilling techniques.

Guilty Pleasures:
Garrett -- movies, videogames, Stephen King novels, and German chocolate cake. Tristan -- sleeping in, watching Friends (she has all 10 seasons on DVD), celebrity gossip magazines, and bagels.

Decorating Style:
They have a very traditional decorating style and usually stick to very neutral browns and greens.

They have two black cats named Cracker and Purrl. The cats haven’t brought the couple any bad luck yet.

Favorite Vacation Spot:
Las Vegas! There’s so much to do and see, and there’s never a dull moment!

Anniversary Gift:
Every year on their anniversary, they go on a trip somewhere, so that’s usually their gift to each other.

Spend the Weekends:
Working on their many home improvement projects (most recently their theater room!), trying new restaurants, and, at some point, relaxing. 

On Weeknights:
They eat dinner and go to bed really early. They say they’re like an old couple already!

More About Tristan & Garrett:
They just moved to Wisconsin last May. They both grew up in Oklahoma and had to move for their jobs. Both of their families are in Oklahoma, so it was really hard to leave them behind and move across the country. But the experience has brought the two even closer together.

-- Caitlin Losey

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