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Real Couple: Veronika & Kevin

Meet Veronika & Kevin. This cute couple reveals all the dirty details of the newlywed life. Find out how they met, what they fight about, and even how often they're having sex!

Their Digs: Own a 1,400 sq. ft., 2-bedroom, 2-bath townhome in Houston, TX

Ages: Veronika is 24; Kevin is 31.

How They Met: In Toronto, Veronika’s hometown. They clicked instantly, so Veronika was disappointed to find out that Kevin lived in Houston. But they made it work, dated long-distance, and accumulated a lot of frequent-flier miles! After she finished her postgraduate program, she moved to Houston.

Years Together: Almost 2

Married For:
6 months

Kevin is a marketing project specialist, and Veronika works for a nonprofit organization as a communications associate.

Baby Clock:
Not for at least 4 more years. They'd like to accomplish a few more things before they have their first child, but they both want kids.

Fight Most About:
Veronika had to ask Kevin because she couldn’t think of anything they seriously fight about, but one thing they argue over is the temperature of the house -- she’s always freezing and wearing sweats and slippers, and Kevin blasts the AC and walks around in shorts and a T-shirt. They also argue over the duvet because, somehow, more of it always ends up on his side of the bed.

Biggest Worry:
Something tragic happening to either one of them or their parents (or their dog!)

Fantasy Buy:
A dream vacation. They would love to go somewhere exotic and spend a week on the beach.

Who Makes More:
Kevin does, "for now..." says Veronika.

Interests & Hobbies:
They both love TV, home projects, going to the gym, movies, concerts, and their Wii!

Favorite Sports Team:
Kevin loves all of the Houston teams. Veronika’s not into sports, but she supports his love of sports.

Who Loves to Cook:
Veronika taught herself how to cook a few meals that she keeps in rotation since they moved in together. Kevin's idea of cooking is throwing chicken nuggets in the oven or making grilled cheese.

They have two amazing TVs -- a Panasonic flat-screen TV that hangs on their wall like art in their living room and another 52-inch DLP TV in their bedroom.

Guilty Pleasures:
They both love candy and Cold Stone Creamery ice cream. They get the cake batter flavor with Butterfinger chocolate mixed in.

Decorating Style:
Kevin is into a more modern style, and Veronika likes a clean, romantic style, like what you’d see in a Pottery Barn or Z Gallerie catalog. They’re about to paint their home, and they’re trying to work on merging their two styles.

Have Sex:
Twice a week, sometimes more

They have a Shi Tzu/mini poodle mix named Lulu. He’s almost 4.

Favorite Vacation Spot:
Both of them would love to explore Europe.

Anniversary Gift:
The best anniversary would be to go on vacation together -- maybe to somewhere fun like Vegas or somewhere relaxing with a beach.

Spend the Weekends:
They visit Kevin's parents, get together with their friends, see movies, and take the dog to the park.

On Weeknights: Usually they’re both tired from work, so they eat dinner, lounge, and watch their favorite shows (or catch up on DVR shows). Sometimes they go to the gym together too.

-- Caitlin Losey

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