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Real Couple: Yarisel & Evan

Meet this Hawaii-based couple who met in high school and love spending time at the beach!

Location: Kamuela, HI

Their digs: They rent a 3-bedroom, 1-bath home with two avocado trees, chayote vines and a strawberry guava tree.

Ages: She’s 23; he’s 24.

Together Since: November 2004

Relationship Status: They were legally married on July 25, 2009, but had the church wedding on July 3, 2010. “We celebrate our anniversary on July 3,” says Yarisel.

How You Met: During yearbook course in high school, Yarisel (known as “Shel” to friends and family) was the editor, and as she puts it: “Evan wanted an easy A.”

Careers: Evan’s a civil engineer, and Shel’s a premed/nutrition student.

Baby Clock: They plan to have a couple of kids after Shel graduates from medical school.

Most Annoying Habits: Evan says Shel is too controlling in the kitchen. “Even when I plan to cook for her, she somehow ends up taking over!” he says. Shel says Evan leaves the wet laundry in the washing machine overnight instead of putting it in the dryer.

Biggest Compromise: Moving to Hawaii for Evan's job before Shel graduated from college

Interests & Hobbies: They both love hiking, camping, fishing, surfing, paddling (“or anything at the beach!”), cooking and playing with their pup. They both also love sports: He enjoys baseball, and she loves soccer.

Guilty Pleasures: Evan can eat too many homemade baked goods (Shel is a serious baker), and Shel owns and keeps buying too many dresses and pairs of boots.

Something Nobody Knows About Them: They started to train for the Volcano Half Marathon to keep in shape and to keep busy. Shel, while on the six-mile run, “got bored” and came home with a four-pound, six-week-old puppy. “We told everyone that we planned on getting a dog,” says Shel.

Nicknames You Have for Each Other: She calls him “husband” and “honey,” and he calls her “wifey” and “sweetie.”

Pets: That four-pound black Lab mix puppy turned into a 70-pound dog: Zeppelin. “He turns one year on pi day (3/14)!”

Sex Life: At least four to five nights a week. “A few mornings here and there,” says Shel.

In 10 Years They Will Be: Finalizing their babies’ expertise of the wonderful world of classic rock

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-- Samantha Leal