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8 Hints He Wishes You Were More Adventurous in Bed

8 hints he wishes you were more adventurous in bed 

Is your guy trying to leave you hints that he wants to mix things up in the bedroom? Read on to find out!

1. You discover pages of the Kama Sutra randomly tucked into your Us Weekly.

2. You come home to find him shirtless with a bottle of lotion in his hand, asking for help with a “back spasm.”

3. Wild Things has mysteriously been added to the first spot on your Netflix queue and The Notebook has been bumped to the bottom.

4. He keeps bringing up that the your friend’s party -- even though it was four years ago.

5. All five pairs of your ratty flannel pajamas have suddenly disappeared.

6. He returns from the grocery store with a can of whipped cream and no Ben & Jerry’s.

7. He volunteers to clean up dinner and do the dishes so you can “conserve your energy.”

8. He finally hangs up that mirror you bought a month ago...on the ceiling.
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Nesties Sound Off

What signs do Nesties give their spouses to show they’re not in the mood? Here’s what they said.

“When he tries to get playful to get me roused up, I just pat his hand and give him a courtesy laugh. He eventually rolls over.” --jacesracer

“I normally act like I’m asleep (this is usually after I’ve been lying in bed reading for an hour).” --cincyGirl1980

“If I don’t want to do it, I tell him either he’s gonna have to do the work or ‘persuade’ me.” --Beth10/16/04

“I tell him the muffin shop is closed!” --highdee

“I’ve been known to put on these really horrific but very comfortable pj’s when I’m not in the mood before he gets a chance to make a move. I think he’s either totally turned off or takes the hint.” --wrongwayec

“We went to a Brazilian steakhouse for dinner. They bring you selections of meat as long as you have the little double-sided coaster flipped to the green ‘want more’ side. When you don’t want them to bring you meat, you flip to the red ‘no, thank you’ side. I joked that I’d bring the coaster home for his nightstand.” --Heather&Allan

-- The Nest Editors

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