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Couples Massage Tips

Whether it’s the mortgage, a leaky faucet or your in-laws, let’s face it: Marriage can be stressful! Help each other unwind (and set the mood—wink, wink) with these massage tips.

Tips for Him

Gently massage her scalp in circles with your fingertips, just like when she gets her hair shampooed at the salon (ahhhh).

Take the base of your palms and push them up the back of her neck until you hit the ridge at the base of her head. Hold for 8 seconds.

Place one thumb an inch above the other and then move down her back along the side of her spine. Move bottom thumb in a straight line and squiggle the top thumb as you go.

With your thumbs in the middle of her hand, push out and up. Pay attention to the pads on the base of her hand and the fleshy area just below her fingers.

Cup both of your hands around the back of her hamstring and slide them upward, moving one hand over the other and so on. Don’t forget to rub her hips!

Move your right thumb up the ridge of her shin bone while gently squeezing the lower part of her ankle and moving slowly up her calf muscle until just past her knee.

Tips for Her

Press his lower back with flat palms. Pull your hands outward in alternate directions. Then slide hands around to his hips.

Apply steady pressure to the arch of his foot with both hands, spreading your thumbs in circles (like a snow angel). Move your hands up over his foot and then rub the skin between each toe.

Hold his foot with one hand and cup the ankle with the other. Put pressure on his foot with your thumb. With your hand wrapped around his ankle, twist from side to side (dab on some massage oil for this one!).

Okay, it’s hard to screw this one up! Knead his shoulders one at a time, moving your hands over the entire area from above the rotator cuff all the way down to his elbow.

With your fingers pinched together like claws, place your thumbs above his shoulder blades and pull the muscle upward.

-- Caitlin Moscatello

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