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The Craziest Place We've Ever Had Sex...

You'll never believe where these Nesties have done the deed!

Photo: Veer

"In the library parking lot on date night with the hubby in the back of our SUV. The kids and sitter were at home. We didn't want to go home before the munchkins went to bed, and we knew when we got home we would crash." –Maggie

"In a sugarcane field in Maui on the way home from my sister’s wedding. It was very spur of the moment...we just couldn’t wait to get back to the condo!" – Kerstin

"On the golf course at my hometown country club during a high school friend’s wedding reception. We snuck out onto the green and lay down right by a hole. I was so nervous someone was going to put a spotlight on us but we pulled it off!" – Melissa

"I was in a long-distance relationship with a guy who still lived with his parents. Needless to say, we didn't have a lot of alone time together. Since he lived near the mountains, he thought it would be nice to take a hike just to get away for a little while. Once we reached the top, I noticed a tree that had a branch growing sideways. It was like the perfect little seat! I looked at the branch, then looked at him and he got the biggest smile. So I sat him down, made the necessary adjustments and had at it. Not only was the view spectacular, but we had a thrilling time as well." – Jesi

"On a Virgin Atlantic flight Heathrow to IAD. We were upstairs in the first row of first class. We were the only people in that section for the flight. And it was a flat bed. And we asked the air steward to let us sleep for two hours." – Margaret

"On top of the hood of a '66 Mustang in the parking lot of a police station in California. Blame it on being young and hormonal! It just got to that point where we couldn't wait any longer, and the backseat didn't provide enough room. So we just found ourselves on the hood of the car and didn't realize we were in the back parking lot of a police station. OMG! If there were cameras, we put on a good show. Thank God no one came out! Talk about being mortified! – Siobhan

Central Park in a bush, with a first date. The thing is, we had to stop because he realized that somebody was filming us. When he yelled out to the cameraman to stop taping, the dude responded that we shouldn't be worried, because he hadn't been showing our faces.... Never saw that guy again! – Cyd

-- Melissa Walker

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