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How to Bring Back Heavy Petting

Haven’t dry-humped since junior high? Yeah, that’s what we figured. But we think you’re missing out. (We’re being serious.) In fact, we’re going to go out on a limb here and say that we think dry-humping is primed to make a big comeback. Yep -- just like sequins and shoulder pads.

Here’s why: Not only can some heavy-duty petting take foreplay to a whole new level, but it can also feel pretty darned good -- especially now that you (hopefully) know how things work down there and what will get you both off.

So how do you reintroduce this junior high era oldie-but-goodie? Read on.

Let us set the scene for you: You’re lying in bed (just go with us here) when the two of you start to kiss, which quickly becomes a full-on make-out sesh. Then you (yes, you) get on top of your guy and straddle him. He’ll be psyched by your take-charge attitude alone, but that’s where you get to take things up a notch. Trust us, he’ll be pleasantly surprised when you slowly start to get your hump on, rubbing up against him. It shouldn’t take him long to rise to the occasion (if you catch our drift), but don’t rush immediately into the main event. Once he’s excited, things will start to get a little more interesting for you, since, well, you’ll have something substantial to rub your lady parts on. Yowsers!

Want to make things even more interesting? Straddle one of his legs and start rubbing up, down and around. This method might feel better for you, as it offers more opportunity for stimulation. You might just be surprised how close to orgasm this could get you -- he’ll love that (almost as much as you will). Sure, this approach may feel a little -- how should we put this? -- awkward, since it probably reminds you of how your dog behaves, but trust us, the payback is worth any potential humiliation incurred.

See? We told you we were onto something here. And unlike your younger days, this sexual throwback can be the perfect precursor to bigger and better things. Plus, some heavy-duty petting and humping is a nice little departure from your standard foreplay, which we’re sure sometimes can feel a little, well, routine.

-- Kristin Koch

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