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How to Kiss

We mean really kiss (like when you first started dating), and trust us, even if you think you’re a lip-locking pro, you’ll want to read this.

After you’ve been together for a while, it’s easy to neglect the little things, like smooching, but we’re here to remind you just how good a passionate kiss can be. In fact, when done correctly, a good kiss can add some instant spark back into your relationship. So in case you’ve gotten a little rusty (be honest), here are the secrets to lip-locking nirvana.

A truly passionate peck can’t be planned ahead of time -- you just have to go with the moment when it presents itself. So next time you’re feeling overwhelmed with love for your partner or you’re just feeling really frisky, go for it.

Give and Take
A good kiss is like a good conversation: Through give and take, you are communicating with one another. So don’t get selfish there or play hard to get. Let your partner kiss you back and then of course, kiss back too.

Eye Contact
Even though it is customary to close your eyes while kissing, sneaking in a few moments of eye contact can actually make a big impact. Looking at someone directly in the eyes is an intense form of communication that can really turn things up a notch, as long as you don’t linger too long (otherwise, it gets kinda creepy).

Switch it up! From light and soft kisses to deep tongue kisses, you want to vary your technique as you go.

Nibble on your partner’s ear, bite their lower lip, suck on their neck.

A good kiss isn’t just about what you’re lips are doing -- the rest of your body should play a part too. So don’t forget about your hands -- they should be free to wander and explore your partner’s body. Caress the back, squeeze the shoulders, tousle the hair, and maybe even move down south for some further exploration…. (Hey, sometimes the best indication of a really good kiss is where it leads, or at least where you’d both like it to lead.)

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-- Kristin Koch

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