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No Time for Good Sex?

no time for good sex?

Sure, you're newlyweds...but it is the week to amp up your sex life! Truth is, even at this amazing stage, you can have an unexpected sex stall. Here are some common culprits:

  • Your libidos are out of sync.
    You’re supposed to be soul mates…so why is it that you want it slow and sensual at night but he wants it fast and furious in the morning? Well, guys wake up with high levels of testosterone and energy and crave sex first thing in the a.m. But at night, testosterone levels dip right when you’re revved up.
    Sexy solution: If he’s never in the mood after dinner, grab him before you open the take-out. If you dislike a.m. sex, join him in his morning shower.

  • Long workweeks leave you both sapped.
    His afternoon meeting ran late and he’s exhausted; your boss yelled at you (again). By the time you make it through the front door, your sex drives are MIA.
    Sexy solution: Studies show that lovemaking boosts levels of brain chemicals that trigger desire. So the more you push past your tiredness and get busy, the more you’ll want to do it. You can start by trading five-minute massages (no, you aren’t too tired). Conjure up an erotic scenario -- research shows women who fantasize often have more frequent and satisfying sex.

  • The honeymoon is over.
    Why can’t sex be as hot as it was during those 10 days in Anguilla? Was it the plush mattress? The sound of the ocean at night? Now sex feels like a letdown.
    Sexy solution: Start turning things around when you’re not in the sack. Devote the weekends to reconnecting. Unplug from the world and fantasize about that sexy anniversary trip you’ll be booking in the Bahamas. Anticipation in itself can be a surprising aphrodisiac.

  • You’re trying to get pregnant.
    When you’re in baby-making mode, sex can start to feel methodical, even frustrating -- especially if you’ve been trying for a while.
    Sexy solution: Make the rest of the month (i.e., your nonpeak-fertility days) all about pleasure. For starters, zip your lips on the baby topic so your minds are clear and sex can be more fun. Your next steamy step? Try a new position or grab your partner for a quickie before you head out to a party -- everyone will wonder what that smirk is on your faces.

Nestpert: Yvonne K. Fulbright, PhD, sexuality educator and author of Pleasuring: The Secrets to Sexual Satisfaction

-- Elise Nersesian

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