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Sex: Fact or Fiction

Sex: Fact or Fiction

Get ready -- it’s time to test your in-sack IQ.

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Does drinking coffee really make his sperm taste bitter? Why was the vibrator invented? We've separated sex facts from commonly repeated sex myths to help clear up some confusion.

A penis is a guy's best tool for giving his partner an orgasm.

Fiction! Women have reported reaching orgasm about 81 percent of the time through oral sex, compared to 25 percent of the time through intercourse.

Women reach their sexual peak at 28. For guys, it's 18.

Fact! The ages can change slightly depending on the person, but women's estrogen levels surge in their mid to late 20s, while guys get a big dose of hormones in their teen years.

The average guy can last for about 10 minutes before having an orgasm.

Fiction! According to The Journal of Sexual Medicine, the median time it takes men to get off is 5.4 minutes.

Drinking coffee can make your sperm taste bitter.

Fact! If you're looking for some oral love later, best to skip the Starbucks.

Women just aren't that into porn.

Fiction! Researchers at Stanford University study found that it took just a couple of minutes of some good ol' porn to get women turned on. The only difference? Women tend to like porn with a storyline (you know, the pool boy enters the kitchen...yada yada).

Sunshine can actually increase a man's sex drive.

Fact! A new study by researchers in Austria found that an hour of sunshine can amp up men's testosterone levels by almost 70 percent. It's not a get-out-of-sunblock-free card though -- don't forget: Too much sun exposure can put you at risk for skin cancer.

Scheduled sex is never as hot as spontaneous sex.

Fiction! Marking sex dates on your calendars can actually increase anticipation, making you lust after your spouse even more.

Men think about sex every seven seconds.

Fiction! This is the same number you've been hearing since high school, but The American Sex Survey found that most men think about sex a few times a day -- not a few times a minute.

Sex gets lamer once you're married.

Fiction! Married couples are more satisfied with their sex lives than singles. Married couples are not only more satisfied with the quality of their sex lives -- they're also having sex more often.

The vibrator was created to help women climax.

Fiction! Believe it or not, the original vibrator was invented in the 1800s to medically treat "female hysteria." What was the illness, my-husband-is-bad-in-bed-itis?

Penis length is a bigger deal for men than it is for women.

Fact! According to one study, 85 percent of women report being satisfied with their partner's penis size, compared with 55 percent of men -- and 90 percent of women think width is more important than length.

Women achieve orgasm more easily with a penis.

Fiction! Sorry, guys: One study found that women always or nearly reached orgasm while flying solo. But don't worry, most women in relationships also reported being satisfied with the frequency of their orgasms.

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-- The Nest Editors

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