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Is Your Sex Life Ready for Summer?

Is Your Sex Life Ready for Summer?

Does your sex life heat up as the mercury rises? Not so much? Read on. Our easy-to-follow tips will help you make those summer nights (and mornings and afternoons...) hotter than ever!

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1. Perform an audit on your underwear drawer. Newsflash: You no longer live alone, so there's no reason to even own undies that you're anything less than thrilled to be seen in. Allow yourself one (that's right, ONE) pair of laundry day panties. Given our druthers, they'd be adorable and have the words "laundry" and "day"s embroidered on each cheek. We hereby order you to banish every ratty thong, every bra with no boing-boing left in it and absolutely anything stained. Bottom line: We know that he probably doesn't care what you wear but trust us, wearing pretty undergarments will make you feel sexier and therefore way more likely to drop trou.

2. Prune (or plant) shrubs. Relax, we're not suggesting a complete overhaul. We're just saying mix it up a bit. If you usually rock a landing strip, switch to a piece of pie. If you usually get a Brazilian, let a teensy bit of foliage grow in. If you usually do nothing, tidy up your bikini line (hey, it's bathing suit season). The idea? Change, renewal, a fresh start. Chances are a little newness will get you both excited.

3. Dust off your playbook. Secretly (and, yes, that means not telling him) learn at least one new move. Find a how-to online or in a book or "research" a porn clip or two. Think small (as in no trapeze necessary); you don't want to freak him out when you debut it. You just want to remind him that you're still full of surprises. Awesome, mind-blowing surprises.

4. Clear your calendar. If you're the type who squeezes every second out of your day but never seems to have enough time or energy left for sex, there's a solution for that. It's called scheduling sex. We know that it doesn't sound very scintillating, but it's way warmer than not getting any. And, hey, it's cool to let him think that any seduction is completely spontaneous (though if he too has a brutal schedule, give him a heads-up that you've penciled in a little horizontal QT).

5. Switch up your sex clock. If you always do it right before bed, make it happen the second you both get home. If you always shag in the morning, slink into his evening shower. The point? Swapping out your usual jam gives you a chance to see each other in a whole new light. And since when has that been anything but sizzling?

-- Hallie Goodman

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