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8 of the Silliest Sex Position Names

Ever hear of the “Chattanooga Double Wide?” Yeah, neither have we. But according to a certain Nestie (you know who you are!), it’s a must-do in the sack. Read on for more of your most creative sex position names. Want to know how they actually work? Well, talk amongst yourselves...

Photo: Sarah Rhoads Photography/ / The Nest

“The Pretzel Dip” --Lane05
A pretzel twist has nothing on these twists and turns.

“The Tony Danza” --noisy_penguin
We have a feeling this one has someone asking, “Who’s the boss?”

“The Worm” --mr&mrsA
Kinda like that cool trick on the dance floor, only way more fun?

“The Eiffel Tower” --justmarried2010
The three (yes, three) of you will look like the Parisian tourist attraction.

“The Flying Wallendas!” --scrappydoo92
Check out the circus act for a clue.

“Pig Roasted” --QTpye39
Um, no comment.

“The Pile Driver” --Lovestojam
We can’t stop picturing the construction tool…

“The Italian Chandelier” --LittleEgypt
Rumor has it this is quite the calorie burner.

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