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Sex Q&A: More Female-Dominant Positions?


The Nest Q&AMy husband is disabled, which makes it difficult to vary our sex routine. His disability affects his arms and legs, so he can't do any of the typical male-dominant positions or stand up for long periods. Any suggestions for positions that are more female-dominant?


Kudos for trying to work this out. Many people, when faced with a hurdle in the bedroom, simply give up. Know that you’re already doing the most important thing by staying connected with him as a lover. Try the “reverse missionary” where you lie on top of him with his legs between yours, or the “cowgirl” position where you’re kneeling above him -- this also gives him great access to your breasts. Or try the “spinner”: Get in the cowgirl position and turn 180 degrees so you’re straddling him and facing his feet. This way, he can enjoy caressing your tush during sex.

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