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Sex Q&A: How can we spice up our sex life?


The Nest Q&AMy husband thinks things like role-playing are weird. What are some fun ways heat things up without my husband feeling uncomfortable?


It's not a surprise that your guy thinks role-playing is silly -- many guys do. But it's important for him to realize that there's a difference between role-playing and simply telling each other about your fantasies. If you describe to him in detail what you fantasize about, it can be incredibly erotic. You can try wearing super-sexy clothes and giving him a lap dance. Or playing around with a scarf: Just have fun taking turns being loosely tied or blindfolded and letting the other roam around your body. And don't forget sex toys. Many men get incredibly turned on watching their partner playing with a toy -- or being pleasured with one themselves. 
Nestpert Dr. Pam Spurr, author of Make Love All Night & Talk to Him in the Morning and Naughty Tricks and Sexy Tips: A Couple's Guide to Uninhibited Sexual Pleasure

-- The Nest Editors

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