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Sex Q&A: My Boyfriend Insists We Use Condoms Even Though I'm on Birth Control!


The Nest Q&A

My boyfriend and I are both STD-free, and I’ve been on birth control for years—but he still insists we use a condom. Does he not trust me?


Maybe, but it’s more likely that he suffers from premature ejaculation, which means sex ends for him way sooner than he’d like it to. This is a really common problem -- more than 30 percent of men suffer from chronic PE. That’s where condoms come in. Adding an extra layer helps dull some of the sensations so guys last longer. Why doesn’t he just say that? Well, lots of men with PE are uncomfortable talking about it. It’s also possible that he’s just paranoid about you becoming pregnant and doesn’t trust that your birth control is effective (or that you’re taking it reliably).

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