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Sex Q&A: Help! My Erections are Less Frequent!


The Nest Q&A

I can still get hard, but the erections don't come as easily (or as frequently) as they used to. I'm only 30 -- should I be worried?


Most men experience a gradual diminishing of erectile quality as they get older; it's a normal part of life. At 30, though, you shouldn't necessarily be experiencing these issues, and I wonder if there's some aspect of your lifestyle that may correlate to the change. Maybe you're not exercising enough? Or you've put on wieght? Taking certain medications or masturbating too much are also potential causes. Talk to your doctor to get to the bottom of what's going on, and if this is just your natural pattern, ask him or her about taking a stimulant like Viagra. Don't worry, taking Viagra at 30 is totally fine if you have a genuine need for it.

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