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Sex Q&A: Why Is My Girlfriend Self-Conscious About Oral Sex?


The Nest Q&A

My girlfriend’s self-conscious about me going down on her. I thought women were supposed to love oral sex! Is she weird?


Lots of women are way more comfortable giving pleasure than receiving it, and many are particularly standoff-ish when it comes to receiving oral sex. They might worry: How do I look down there? How do I taste? Do I smell okay? Am I taking too long? Does he really like this? That’s enough to make anyone stressed. Get her to relax by dimming the lights and letting her know how much you enjoy her body and that you want to go down on her. Also, don’t rush into it. Start with some foreplay -- hugging, cuddling, kissing -- to get her whole body warmed up before you head south. Then stay there as long as she wants you to.