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Stop with the Sexcuses, Start Having More Sex!

You might be young and just starting your lives together, but statistics show there’s a good chance your parents are doing it more than you (no joke!). So what’s going on? Well, 20- and 30-somethings have a lot more excuses for not doing it than ever before. So as part of our initiative to help more couples get their sex lives back on track, we’ve identified the top sexcuses—plus, tips for getting over them.

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Your Sexcuse: One (or both) of you is always too tired.

The Sexolution: The thing about sex is that if you make it low on the priority list, it never gets done, so putting it off until the end of the night is really setting yourself up for not doing it. So stop saving it for the end of the day. If you're running full steam all day long, and then come home, make dinner, do laundry, watch TV and finish that work project before dragging yourself to bed, of course you're not going to feel like doing it! So how about getting busy right when you get home from work? Or, after dinner, have something else for dessert (hint, hint).

Bedrooms that will make you want to do it.

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