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woman texting

The Relationship Olympics: Challenge #5

Be dirty -- digitally.

Photo: Thinkstock / The Knot


If the two of you are not a sexting type of couple, you’re about to become one. Throughout the day, you’re to make suggestive comments to each other. R-rated is fine, but X-rated is preferred. You’ll be surprised by how excited you’ll be to get home and get your paws on each other.


Get ready to take some naughty photos of yourself. Your smartphone will do. He will be so revved up when he receives images of you in your best lacy underthings, you might just have to cancel your plans for the rest of the day.


Yep -- for the gold, you’ve got to get naked. It’s okay to make him promise to delete it afterward. Whether you want to photograph the top, the bottom, covered up with your hands -- it’s all up to you. You just can’t be technically wearing any clothing. Be creative!

Come back and tell us: What medal did you earn on challenge #5?

-- Kristine Solomon