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The Nest Relationship Olympics: Challenge #12

Perform an act of total selflessness.


It can be hard to put your partner’s needs first; there’s no shame in admitting it. Challenge yourself to be selfless by sacrificing one thing tonight or tomorrow that you’re really looking forward to -- even if it’s a TV show or making mashed potatoes instead of the roasted potatoes you’re craving because that’s what he prefers. That little act will make all the difference -- and earn you a bronze!


Is there something he’s been wanting you to do -- join him at the baseball stadium or come to visit his parents? For a silver, sacrifice an entire day in which you had planned to do something you were really looking forward to, like playing tennis or shoe shopping, and dedicate it to what he wants. You’ll see you get something you need out of it -- plus, a silver!


This one may sound easy, but you know it’s hardest: Admit to him, finally, that he was right and you were wrong about that one ongoing thing that you’ve just had too much pride to give in to. No “buts” or “howevers.” Just admit it, let him bask in his glory, and move on -- with your gold!

Come back and tell us: What medal did you earn on challenge #12?

-- Kristine Solomon