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The Nest Relationship Olympics: Challenge #4

Face your fears.


The point of being in a couple is to be each other’s rock, right? So earn your bronze by helping each other overcome a minor phobia you’ve been grappling with for a while now. Are you afraid of flying insects? Spend a day at the butterfly conservatory. Is he afraid of horror movies (shh…we know you’re the only one who’s privy)? Watch The Shining together! There’s nothing more empowering than holding hands and staring in the face of fear together.


Let’s step it up a bit for a silver -- with adventure sports! (Unless you’re already a pair of thrill-seekers, in which you may skip this step altogether). You know where we’re going with this: skydiving! Not only will your SO think you’re the raddest girl in the world, but also, the two of you will have an exhilarating experience you’ll never forget -- and it’ll bring you that much closer together. Other options? Mountain climbing, deep sea diving or white-water rafting. Pick your poison!


For the gold, you’re going boldly where you haven’t gone before: inside yourselves. Nurturing intimacy and trust can be some of the biggest obstacles for couples, because betrayal and rejection are sticking points no matter how close you two are. So whatever it is that you guys have trouble with -- saying “I love you,” performing oral sex, PDAs, walking around naked, having a good cry -- do it and free yourself. The bond you strengthen will be golden.

Come back and tell us: What medal did you earn on challenge #4?

-- Kristine Solomon