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The Relationship Olympics: Challenge #2

Have an utterly unexpected type of date night.

Photo: Thinkstock / The Knot


Arrange a nostalgic date that allows the two of you to stroll down memory lane. Burn a CD with tunes from your dating days and include your first-dance or fave song. Start the night out with the cocktails you drank or the food you ate on your first date. Then revisit the destination of your first date and try to re-create the magic. If your first date was the movie theater, rent that sucker from Netflix and have a sexy night on.


You’ll win a silver if you can pull off a genuine surprise with your SO. The actual surprise is up to you because you know him best, but here are some ideas: Is a band/artist he’s way into headed to your town? Score great seats now and make him wear a blindfold till you get to the stadium.


To get the gold, you have to go the distance. We’re talking the 24-hour date. Plan out an entire day together, and stick to it. The gold is contingent on one thing: no arguments; not even a bicker.

Come back and tell us: What medal did you earn on challenge #2?

-- Kristine Solomon