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The Nest Relationship Olympics: Challenge #9

Have earth-shattering foreplay.

Photo: Thinkstock / The Knot


Been skipping straight to the action lately? Not this time. To earn a bronze, you have to have a heavy, world-class makeout session that lasts at least 15 minutes without even a hand up the shirt. Over-the-clothing groping is allowed, but eye contact is encouraged, as is hand-holding. The idea is to build up the tension you used to feel when you were dating.


A silver entails some mind-blowing manual stimulation. Our guide to giving an earth-shattering hand job has all the little details you’ll need to drive him absolutely crazy. The essentials? Maintain eye contact, use a liberal amount of lube, get a good rhythm going, work your wrist, be gentle, and don’t neglect his, ahem, accessories. You’ll need to finish the job to earn the medal, of course.


You knew we’d go there. Your challenge for a gold is to give outrageous oral. Sex therapist Dr. Pam Spurr offers the following tips: Make sure you’re both fresh; if you want to really get into it, you’ll have to be comfortable with his hygiene. Then start at the top, sucking his fingers and working your way from his neck down to his chest and torso, giving gentle kisses and flicks of the tongue. The slow buildup will enhance the anticipation. Take your time around the base of his penis before getting fully into it. Blow his mind by using your fingers to stimulate him down below. Perform to completion, and you’re a gold medalist!

Come back and tell us: What medal did you earn on challenge #9?

-- Kristine Solomon