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The Nest Relationship Olympics: Challenge #11

Perfect the art of the striptease.

Photo: Thinkstock / The Knot


To achieve the bronze, stick to the basics of striptease. Choose a piece of music that really turns you on -- something that makes your hips start to move without your even giving them permission,” says burlesque guru Kitty Cavalier. Sound scary? It’s not. Cavalier advises that you just dance as you normally would while kissing your partner -- then push him away and let him watch as you remove one item of clothing at a time…very slowly.


You’ll have to step up your striptease a notch if you want to score a silver, and bring out your partner’s animal instincts. How to make this kind of magic? “A cheeky wall slide with eye contact will send any wolf howling at the moon!” says Cavalier. She advises wearing something that is easy to get out of (like a men’s shirt) with lingerie underneath. Turn on your music and sit your partner in a chair or on the bed. Make eye contact. As you feel the music, go to the nearest wall and press your back against it. Standing on the balls of your feet, arch your back and slide down the wall until your knees bend to a 90-degree angle, then slide back up, all the while unbuttoning your shirt and making eye contact with your partner.


Ready to go for the gold? It’s time for a full striptease -- “with the emphasis on tease,” says Cavalier. “A great striptease is not just about showing skin; it’s about creating desire and building anticipation.” This time, you’re stepping out in style, with an extravagant lingerie number that will knock his socks off (and hopefully more). “Choose something to wear that makes you feel gorgeous, and draw out the removal of every layer for as long as possible,” says Cavalier. She instructs that you do all the moves of a burlesque dancer: Pretend to remove your bra strap only to pull it back up; unhook your bra with your back to him, peeking suggestively over your shoulder. “Just before turning around, conceal the part of your body [your partner] is most longing to see with your hands, a feather boa or a piece of clothing that you had previously thrown to the floor. This will drive him crazy with desire.”

Come back and tell us: What medal did you earn on challenge #11?

-- Kristine Solomon