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The Nest Relationship Olympics: Challenge #1

Profess your love.


Let’s kick off the Relationship Olympics with something not so tough -- professing your love for each other. To score a bronze, all you need is a Facebook or Twitter account: “I have the best, most beautiful wife ever” or “My husband is the most amazing man on earth because _____” are what we have in mind. The trick, though? Be genuine without being cheesy or sarcastic.


For a silver, we challenge you to profess your love to each other in front of real live people. Whether it’s a dinner organized with your nearest and dearest or a message projected on the JumboTron, you’ve got to be there to experience -- and embrace -- the reactions of others.


For a gold, you guessed it: Arrange a vow-renewal ceremony. Heck, they seem to be a trend with celebrities, and the two of you are stars, right? It doesn’t have to be an all-out affair. Just a backyard party or a wine and cheese shindig is fine. It’s all about the vows -- and this time you don’t have to take them so seriously. They can be funny, cheeky, personalized -- whatever you please. Bonus points if you’re able to lure guests under the guise of a plain old cocktail party or barbecue!

Come back and tell us: What medal did you earn on challenge #1?

-- Kristine Solomon