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The Nest Relationship Olympics: Challenge #13



He’s the teacher; you’re the student in detention. You’re the boss, and he’s the employee who isn’t getting off this time without a warning. Whatever your fantasy, act it out. Try improvising, or write up some dialogue if it helps. You’ll only win this bronze if you’re both able to get through it while keeping your game faces on!


Dress rehearsal! Instead of just winging this role-playing thing, you’ll be dressing for the parts too. That means a schoolgirl outfit for you and a professor’s jacket for him (or what have you). This is the real deal. No method acting, no silver medal. Break a leg!


If you’re going for the gold, you’ve got to take this role-playing challenge to the streets. You’ve heard of this kind of thing before. You show up alone at a bar, waiting to meet a handsome bachelor. He shows up, sees you from across the bar, and heads over to introduce himself. Your alter egos take a while to get to know each other -- and then you decide to have a nightcap at your place.

Come back and tell us: What medal did you earn on challenge #13?

-- Kristine Solomon