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couple kissing in the dark

The Nest Relationship Olympics: Challenge #3

Spend a day (or a weekend) without electricity.

Photo: Thinkstock / The Knot


No TV, iPod, iPad or other media devices for either of you. You must spend the entire day together, not touching one electronic entertainment gadget. Touching each other, of course, is permitted. Conversation and intimate time is encouraged. But as long as you can make it through the day without pressing one button or scrolling one mouse, you’ve made it.


Lights out! Not only can you not use any electronic media devices, but you also can’t turn on any lamps or overhead lights. Perhaps dinner together by candlelight (providing you have a gas stove) and then heading over to the bath with some tea light candles? Then a couple of nice massages. Anything goes; create your own sparks!


You see those things we described above for the bronze and silver medals? Yep, you’ll be doing that for an entire weekend instead of just one day. Think you can handle it? You can! Party like it’s 1899!

Come back and tell us: What medal did you earn on challenge #3?

-- Kristine Solomon