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hands in a pottery class

The Nest Relationship Olympics: Challenge #10

Take a class together.

Photo: Shutterstock / The Knot


Have a fun date night/day and learn something new. What could be better? For a bronze, sign up for a local, one-day class. Choose something you’ve both wanted to learn for a while, like how to appreciate wine, how to rock climb or how to give a proper massage.


Commit to a series of classes to earn yourselves a silver. Lessons like surfing, cooking and drawing tend to take place over the course of one to several weeks. You’ll hone a skill together -- and then get to decide who’s better at it. (Just kidding!)


If you’re really serious about learning together, sign up for a destination class -- say, an essay-writing seminar or an out-of-state yoga retreat. It’s a getaway and a class rolled into one!

Come back and tell us: What medal did you earn on challenge #10?

-- Kristine Solomon