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girl telling guy a secret

The Nest Relationship Olympics: Challenge #8

Tell each other a long-held secret.

Photo: Thinkstock / The Knot


This challenge isn’t as salacious as it sounds. We’re not asking you to dig up the dirt; instead, think of one thing he did -- maybe something back when you were dating or had just met -- that you thought was so kind, thoughtful or even adorably funny, but that you never mentioned and he never knew. Maybe it’s even something you thought, felt or said about him, but were too embarrassed at the time to share. He’ll be flattered by the revelation, and it may send you two on a pleasant trip down memory lane for a bit.


Share a story about something you’re really proud of -- an accomplishment, a significant event in your life, or anything that makes you glow inside. Maybe it was something that just never came up and you can’t believe you’ve never told him. Maybe it’s something you’d have been too embarrassed to tell him earlier in the relationship (like the fact that you were prom queen or won the science fair). “Did I ever tell you about…” is always a great conversation starter.


For a gold, share a story from your childhood that somehow has never come up. Childhood stories are always the most intimate, whether it’s something you’re proud of, feel shame over, or laugh hysterically about. Learning about each other’s childhoods never gets old -- and there are always precious gems to reach back in time for.

Come back and tell us: What medal did you earn on challenge #8?

-- Kristine Solomon