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girl handing guy the trash

The Nest Relationship Olympics: Challenge #14

Take a walk in each other’s shoes.

Photo: Thinkstock / The Knot


One of the best ways for a couple (or anyone) to build empathy is to experience each other’s lives firsthand. For a bronze, swap chores for a day. You may take for granted the fact that he takes out the garbage and brings the pails to the curb on pickup day. He might not know what it’s like to patiently fold and put away laundry. Especially if you’ve got a routine going, it’s nice to experience the little nuances of your partner’s life, if just for a day.


For a silver, swap chores for an entire week. This includes the weekend -- and all of the dusting, mopping, cleaning of the car, dry cleaning drop-off/pickup, cooking, and anything else that you both do. See if you can endure the little daily things plus the larger weekly duties. And just for good measure, you’ve got to watch one of his favorite shows and he’s got to watch one of yours -- whether you like it or (preferably) whether you don’t.


Ready to go the distance? For this challenge, you’re taking on each other’s roles for the entire month -- or for 30 days from your start date. It may sound doable, but say you discover that there’s something he does that you absolutely despise, or vice versa. There’s no going back until 30 days are over. Same goes for those TV shows. You’re experiencing life as each other sees it -- and you’re in it to win it!

Come back and tell us: What medal did you earn on challenge #14?

-- Kristine Solomon