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Nestie Boss Horror Stories

In honor of Horrible Bosses, opening July 8, we asked for your most appalling boss-related horror stories. We have to admit, we got a bit more than we expected!

“I had a boss who only communicated with me via Post-it notes…even if she was standing next to me. I responded in kind by quitting the same way: via Post-it!” -- Lashan

“My employer called to fire me on a paid sick day: I had permission to take off to go to the hospital because I was dealing with a severe kidney infection. Her excuse? She “changed her mind” about the approval. Not to mention, this same boss also did drugs in the office bathroom, had screaming fights with her husband and yelled at employees for taking their lunch (after she would disappear for hours at a time). Worst. Boss. Ever.” -- Clasina

“An old boss used to belittle his staff with colorful swear words, accusing them of being stupid and dead weight. He really helped with company morale.” -- Gabriela

“I worked at a group home for developmentally disabled people. The manager of the house was caught stealing money from the residents’ savings and retirement accounts. Despicable.” -- Veda

“An old manager used to steal merchandise and then publicly blame the loss on every associate when they quit.” -- Laura

“My boss has a good heart, really, but he has NO brain when it comes to actually owning a business. You can’t suggest anything to him about how to get the work done faster and more efficiently or how to save the business money. He takes naps after lunch, leaves work for personal business, watches videos on his computer and then complains about the business not doing well.” -- kcgrl

“When my boss was thirsty, she’d crinkle her plastic cup loudly -- that was my cue to walk in and fill it with more water.” -- Susan

Now that you’ve read these, we’d love to hear from you. Tell us your horrible boss story!

-- The Nest Editors