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How to Break Out of a Plateau at Work

Sick of staring at spreadsheets all day? Ready to shed the title you’ve had for the past three years? Try these three tips for busting out of a professional rut.

Ask for more work

We know, we know… asking for more work when you kind of can’t stand your job isn’t exactly a pleasant thought. But you’re looking for things to change, right? Then it’s up to you to make a change. By taking on more responsibilities, you’ll prove you’re worthy of a promotion and your go-getter attitude will score you major points, so when that annual review rolls around, you’ll be more likely to get a promotion.


If your problem isn’t the work you’re doing, but the overall office experience you’re having, then it’s time to start getting friendly with your co-workers—even if it kills you. Okay, so maybe you hate Betty in reception (who doesn’t?), but what about the new guy who sits across from you? He seems decent enough, right? Better yet, put together an office happy hour? Booze will make everyone feel more social, and you’ll show the bosses you’re a team player…and maybe even management material.

Nip any problems in the bud

If you’re sick of how meetings are run or the invoicing process, then stop complaining and do something! We know, easier said than done. But letting resentment fester isn’t healthy for you or your career, so bring it up with your boss but instead of making it his problem, make sure to bring along a few solutions. You might be surprised: He might listen to you—and then promote you for making his job easier.

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-- Paula Kashtan

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