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How to Play Hooky

Looking to enjoy some of that summertime weather? Here's how to sneak some time off from work -- without getting caught.

No one wants to be stuck in the office on a beautiful day. Although it might be tempting to call out sick, Nesties share their top tips for getting a day off of work (or skipping out early). Go on, give them a try!

"Oftentimes I'll skip out on a Tuesday afternoon to enjoy the sunshine or get an extra run in. Communicate with your boss to develop a results-oriented work environment so that you can take an hour here or there." -- marcylth

"We get 'summer hours' where we can put in extra hours by either coming in early, staying late, or working during lunch -- and then on Friday we can take half a day." -- sarahkelly

"Sneak nothing. If you want time off, schedule it and ensure that your work is still getting done. How hard is that?" -- SunAndRain

"I work on the river in a downtown area, so occasionally I'll take a 15-minute break just to go outside and sit (if smokers get to do it, then I should too!)" -- spiffyabigail

"We work hard so that we can get more time off. We work long hours for nine days and get every other Friday off. It has really helped company morale." -- Matkinson08

"I volunteer to go to every conference available. Since we get there so early, I'm not expected to go into the office that day. Being home at 3 p.m. on a Friday afternoon is worth getting up early." -- nthomas983

-- The Nest Editors

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