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If you’re ready to get out of debt and boost your fiscal fitness, you’ve come to the right place. Staring at that huge stack of bills, fielding the unpleasant phone calls -- even just knowing you’re in the red can really drag you down. Luckily, we’re here to help you get back up! We have tons of advice for getting out of debt, including credit card debt help and an easy-to-use debt calculator to help you pay off debt. You’ll also find debt advice on how to renegotiate your credit card debt and ways to improve your credit (even before you’re out of debt!). Not sure where to begin? Why not give our 7 simple steps to getting out of debt at try -- they will definitely help you find your financial footing. Tackling your debt as a twosome? We’ve got plenty of debt advice geared toward couples. Learn about financial basics for newlyweds, including how to choose the right bank and when to merge your accounts. Peek into real couples’ budgets and see how they fixed their finances. And if you’re wondering where to find all that extra money to pay off debt -- don’t worry, we’ve got that covered too. We have debt help and cash-saving secrets from financial pros, and the money tips that spending savvy couples must know -- plus saving secrets from fellow Nesties. Finally, check out our tips to help you stay out of debt for good -- set up a household budget, plan your paychecks, and get credit smart.

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4 Smart Spending Tips for Couples

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We promise: After swearing off that $5 latte habit, these simple cutbacks won’t hurt a bit. Here are 4 simple steps you can take to start saving cash today.

1. Seek Cheap Thrills
You think your morning latte is a right, not a choice? Get over it. Coffee can be made at home just like movies can be rented from the library (or Netflix). Skip the pricey gym membership (you know you won’t go) and get a great yoga DVD. When it comes to dining out, why not head into the kitchen together instead.

2. Stop Phoning It In
If you and your spouse are on different providers because he just had to have an iPhone whereas you’re glued to your BlackBerry, investigate a family plan on the same network. Look at old bills to determine how your monthly minutes break down and pick the tier (most companies have levels of minutes per month) that makes the most sense. If you text more than you call, get a plan with unlimited in-network messaging. While you’re at it, review all of your bills -- landline, cable, Internet -- and see if you can consolidate them into a “triple play” to save money.

3. Quit Being a Lazy Luncher
If you eat out for lunch five times a week and spend about $5 a clip (at the very least!), you’re looking at about $1,300 a year in sandwiches, soups, and other fast foods. So start brown-bagging it. If you want to make vegetarian chili in your slow cooker on Sunday, make sure you have plastic containers on hand so you can dish it out for lunches (or dinners) in the coming week.

4. Keep the Airwaves Open
A little more conversation goes a long way toward helping you save for the house or vacation you’re lusting after. If you share a checking account, keep each other in the loop and say something as simple as “I’ll be taking out $80 today.” A little more conversation goes a long way toward helping you save for the house or vacation you’re lusting after.

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