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Are the two of you covered no matter what? Find the insurance coverage you need and answers to all your insurance questions right here. Let's start with you and your honey: We've got health insurance information to help you choose the right plan and advice on how to get and keep health insurance even if your circumstances change. We've also got the inside scoop on life insurance and disability insurance. Now let's move on to some of the key parts of your life, like where you live. We have home owners insurance advice to help you understand what kind of policy you need, what's covered, and what to do when you need to use it. Besides the house, what about your wheels? You'll find answers to all your auto insurance questions, including how to cut car insurance costs. And let's not forget the little things! Ever thought about insuring your engagement ring? It might not be covered by your renter's or home owner's policy, so you ought to check if you have ring insurance. We've also got general insurance advice that can help with all your coverage, from the eight tips newlyweds need to know to tried and true tricks from real Nesties about insurance. You can also chat with other Nesties to get insurance advice right here. Whether you've got auto insurance questions, need home owners insurance advice, want help with health insurance information, or just want the dirt on insuring your engagement ring, you've hit the right spot.

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All About Life Insurance

Got marriage, mortgages and/or babies on the brain? Better get life insurance -- here's how.

Who Needs It Most

If you're the breadwinner in your household, if you and your spouse have a lot of debt or a mortgage, or you're planning to have kids, a policy equal to the mortgage balance plus several years' income is a good cushion to put into place now.

The Two Types of Life Insurance

  • Term: This policy covers a set number of years -- if you die during that time, your spouse gets a specific amount. Once the time is up, there's no death benefit.
  • Permanent: Also known as "whole life" insurance, this policy is effective for the rest of your life.
Average Cost

Your premium is tied to your age, health status, and policy length. Term policies for young people in good health start at $12 a month and get pricier as you age. Permanent policies are more expensive (as much as 10 times more), but the premium is fixed no matter how long you have it, and you can borrow against it if you need to.

How to Get It

  • Your employer: Many companies provide their employees with life insurance free of charge. Some states require that your employer let you "carry" your insurance with you if you leave the company (for an additional fee).
  • Agent or broker: Traditionally insurance is sold through an agent or broker, who will generally charge a commission, which is sometimes called a "load."
  • Insurance company: Some companies allow you to buy insurance directly by phone, mail, or the Internet. These policies often don't incur commissions (they're called "no-load"). The downside is that they're harder to find and require more legwork than if you were to use an agent.
  • Savings bank: In some states, savings banks sell life insurance policies.

How to Choose

Compare quotes from major companies, such as MetLife, Progressive, Liberty Mutual, MassMutual, Northwestern Mutual, New York Life, and Prudential Financial. For more information on life insurance, check out the Insurance Information Institute.

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