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Balancing your budget may not be one of the most enjoyable aspects of life, but it's certainly one of the most necessary. After all, a healthy bottom line will help you make your dreams happen. Luckily, we're here to help you cut through that pile of bills and take charge of your credit cards with money management tips and techniques to help save money. Want advice on saving money? We can show you how to get a bigger tax refund, learn to survive on one salary, and simplify your monthly bills. There's plenty of help with money management too -- learn the ins and outs of joint accounts, how to recession proof your finances, and how to avoid free credit report scams. In addition to money management tips, we also have plenty of tax advice for newlyweds. How can you avoid an audit? What deductions and credits can you take as a twosome? We've got the answers. Feeling flush? Besides plenty of advice on saving money, there are also tips for being a smart spender. Find the best credit card rewards program for you, and learn how you can use those card points. We can also help with money management when you're in a bind. Check out our Q&A on money worries, budgeting for a new baby, paying for school, and setting aside emergency funds. Plus we've got checklists on everything from merging your money to creating a will. With all our techniques to help save money at your disposal, you're sure to stay in the black.

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Need some financial advice? Let us help you start a budget, save money, and manage your credit cards to avoid overspending. We even have tips on how to merge your money after you get hitched! Can't decide whether to have joint or separate accounts? We can help with that too.