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Go Places with Your Rewards Points

How other Nesties cash in on their credit card rewards.

"We are on a strict budget right now -- which means no more movies, useless driving, or shopping for things we don't need. We recently cashed in some points for movie tickets. It was a free date night out!” -- Soon to be Mrs. Coach M

"After a year of wedding planning and whole lot of miscellaneous charges on my American Express, I was able to pay for the airfare to (and around) Spain on my honeymoon.” -- margiepants

"We have a Disney Visa and use the points for Disney vacations.” -- BeckieC832

"We use our credit card to pay for anything we can in order to earn miles. I went to Africa last spring with my husband, and I just booked a trip to Japan (all with airline miles!).” -- Nest Annie

"My sister got her honeymoon airline tickets (New York to Hawaii!) for free by using points she got on a credit card specifically opened to pay for the wedding. The points added up REALLY fast!” -- Nest Lori

"We use reward points to get gift cards to The Home Depot or Pottery Barn. They seem to offer the biggest return on your points investment!” -- Nest Heather

"I used points to go to Marbella, Spain, a friend used points at Crate & Barrel to buy a new dresser, and my sister used points to buy a new TV.” -- RebeccaDolgin

"I have a Continental Airlines OnePass account associated with my debit card. It only took one year of spending with my card to earn enough miles for a trip to visit my brother in Vegas. It’s good to know that all that shoe shopping helped with something.” -- AngelBackNJ

You’ve seen how other Nesties have spent their rewards. What do you have in your wallet -- and what did you do with your points?

-- The Nest Editors

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