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How to Know What To Tip During the Holiday Season

Can’t figure out how much or who to give a little extra to this time of year? Use this cheat sheet to help.

Massage therapist: Cash, up to the cost of one session

Personal trainer: Cash, up to the cost of one session

Hairstylist/Colorist: Take the cost of one visit divided by each staff member who works on you and give it as an additional cash gift

Babysitter: Cash, in the amount of one evening’s pay; and have your child make a small gift

Barber: Cash, up to the cost of one haircut; or a small gift

Client: A box of chocolates or small gift -- no cash!

Pet groomer: Cash, up to the cost of one session; or a small gift

Doorman/Super: $20-$80 Cash tip

Manicurist/Aesthetician: Not necessary, but can give an additional cash tip of up to the cost of one session

Mail carrier: A small gift under $20, no cash -- they can’t accept it

Garbageman: $10-$30 cash per person or a small gift for private service (check city regulations to see whether it’s a municipal service)

Newspaper delivery person: $10-$30 cash; or a small gift

Dog walker: Cash, up to one week’s fee; or a gift

Contracted handyman/Plumber: Nothing (sorry, but he’s contracted to help)

Doctor: Nada -- it’s unethical to tip your doctor at any time!

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-- The Nest Editors