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Is Your Spending Normal?

How does your spending stack up to the average American woman's?

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Do you ever feel a pang of guilt when you hand over $4 for a fancy coffee? Or have an internal rule for how much is too much to spend on shoes?

True: There's no such thing as normal when it comes to spending—money is about choices, and if you create a healthy budget that allows for your financial goals, everyday costs and lifestyle expenses, you should spend on what you intend to and feel good about it.

But that doesn't mean we're not curious about how other people spend their money!

To wit, in our recent survey, conducted by LearnVest and Chase Blueprint, we asked women nationwide about their spending habits on a few of our favorite everyday things.

Here’s what they had to report. Which of the findings—if any—surprises you the most?

No matter how you stack up against the averages, the best way to get control of your budget is to have an honest picture of where you stand, which you can easily do in the Money Center.

Want more ways to save at home and around town? Try Take Control Bootcamp, which will walk you through every aspect of your financial life, and help you chart your course for the future.

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