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Quiz: Will You Go Broke?

We don’t think so. Money might not buy love, but it sure can affect your relationship. Take this quiz with your spouse to see if you’re successfully co-managing your money -- or headed for trouble.

1. Finish this sentence so it best reflects your attitude toward moolah. “Money is...”
a. For saving.
b. Power.
c. A balancing act.
d. The root of all my migraines.
e. For spending, amigo!

2. You get an unexpected tax bill and have to tell your sweets. You feel:
a. Stressed out. This is going to throw your whole month’s allowance out of whack.
b. Pumped! You can say the bill is higher than it is and spend the difference!
c. Surprised. But it’s not a big deal.
d. Enraged. This is one more thing your mate has done to screw up your credit.
e. Blasé. You don’t like dealing with bills, so you leave it for your honey to handle.

3. Do you know what it would take to survive on just one paycheck?
a. I already buy everything at outlets. What else do you want?
b. I’d have to cut some serious impulse buys.
c. We’ve started talking about it and have a pretty good idea.
d. We’d be fine if the person I’m married to would stop blowing money for a second.
e. No clue, we’ll deal with that if it happens.

4. What was your mood like prior to your last big splurge just for you?
a. Depressed. I had to do something nice for myself, even though I knew it was bad.
b. Stressed, so I calmed my mind with a shopping spree.
c. A bit giddy, treating myself once in a while is a reward for saving.
d. Almost angry -- finally, it was my turn to get something.
e. Almost high -- how great is new stuff?!

5. How did you feel after you made that unnecessary purchase?
a. Still depressed. I had to go over my account to check the damage.
b. Can you say guilty? There’s no way my spouse will be cool about it.
c. Fine. I strategized the purchase and know it was a good choice.
d. Worried. Now both of us are bad.
e. Ready to shop some more.

6. Your honey announces that you two are taking a romantic getaway. You:
a. Go ballistic. You two don’t have that kind of wiggle room in your budget.
b. Decide to return that $300 suit you bought. Your spouse doesn’t know the real state of your budget.
c. Start packing. Treats like this are the payoff for staying on track!
d. Start sulking. It’s not fair that you scrimp and save so your spouse can splurge.
e. Buy some new swimsuits and get some designer luggage to boot.

7. While browsing for office supplies, you spot a flat-screen TV that’s 75% off. Your cell is dead and someone else is eyeing it, so you:
a. Count to 10 and walk away. That $500 could go to your mortgage.
b. Buy it and keep it in the trunk until you can say it’s a birthday or anniversary gift.
c. Ask the cashier if you can use her phone and try to reach your sweetie. If you can’t, you walk away.
d. Thank your lucky stars that you saw it instead of your babe, who’d buy it and blow your whole budget.
e. Snatch it up. Happy friggin’ Tuesday!

8. Your spouse gets a $1,000 bonus, takes you to dinner, then spends the rest on a night out with friends. You feel:
a. Betrayed. You both should decide how to spend all of the money.
b. A little left out, it would have been nice to spend it together.
c. Happy for your honey that things are going so well at work.
d. Relieved that it was with freebie money instead of your mortgage.
e. Like you can relate. Money goes so fast!

9. If you are upset about money, it’s most likely because:
a. You’re frustrated that you have to live on such a tight budget.
b. Your mate wants to control every purchase you make.
c. Every so often the choice you have to make to reach your goals rubs a nerve.
d. Your soul mate just can’t take your financial goals seriously.
e. The credit card company has called and you’re in trouble.

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