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Top 10 Money Questions - Answered!

top 10 money questions

From how to control your plastic and staying debt-free to finding the best way to invest your money, our experts answer your top 10 questions.

Q&A: WIth interest rates being so low these days, where do you recommend putting your money?

Q&A: How much of my paycheck should go into my 401(k)?

Q&A: Is it smart to buy a house in this market?

Q&A: Can we afford a baby?

Q&A: Paying off debt vs. building up savings?

Q&A: How much emergency money should we have on hand?

Q&A: What's the best way to invest our money?

Q&A: Should we close credit cards we no longer use?

Q&A: Can we do our taxes ourselves or should we get them done?

Q&A: How many exemptions should we claim, and how much can we deduct?

-- Sharon Stimpfle

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