Career Q&A: Boss Too Demanding?


The Nest Q&A My husband's boss wants him to be reachable 24-7, meaning my guy checks his phone while we're watching TV, out to dinner, etc. Is there any way for him to let the big cheese know he's off-duty Saturday nights?


Assuming your man isn't a surgeon or a firefighter, "he needs to assert, in a professional manner, that he needs some 'off-the-grid' time each week," says Brooklynite Nick Stevens. "If he doesn't, he's doomed on both ends. The more the boss thinks he can have his way, the more the boss will push; and the more he is married to his device, the more his wife will get annoyed." So, what's a polite way to tell a boss to bug off? Let the boss-man know that you're only able to check emails at 9 p.m. each night, so if there's an emergency, he should call. That said, if your guy can't or won't have that convo with the higher-ups, figure out a compromise you can both live with. You know, no calls during parties, dinners out, foreplay...

-- The Nest Editors

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