Career Q&A: Making Time for Each Other?


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We both work late and don't have another option. How can we make time for each other?


While your jobs are important, it's key for your marriage to make time to do things as a duo. It'll help you feel more grounded, less anxious, and actually married! So change your concept of what counts as couple time. If you’re both pooped after a long day of work, you'll want to sleep, not go for a romantic walk. Instead, try waking up earlier in the morning so you have time to cuddle without feeling rushed. Or set a date to have breakfast together on Fridays, or meet up for lunch when you're working on the weekends. When you’re flexible about how and when to enjoy your couple moments, you’ll get less frustrated when you're stuck ordering take-out at work…again. 

Nestpert Debra Mandel, PhD, author of Your Boss Is Not Your Mother 

-- The Nest Editors

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