Money Q&A: Is there a way to pay for school without taking out student loans?


The Nest Q&AI'm considering going back to school. I want to continue to work, but my company doesn’t offer tuition reimbursement. I really don't want to take out student loans, but we make too much for me to qualify for financial aid. How can I afford this?


Start by looking into the program you want to attend. Most colleges and universities have scholarship and merit aid available. Ask your current employer if they have programs that pay for graduate school in return for your returning to work for them. Research federal government programs at the Department of Education too. A congresswoman from California compiled a pamphlet, “Paying for College: A Student Resource Guide ,” which offers ways to find available funds -- perhaps there is a professional society that offers aid. It’s also possible, although difficult, to take evening and weekend courses to work toward an advanced degree while you keep a full-time job.

Nestpert Rosalynn Hoffman is the author of the financial advice book Bitches on a Budget, published by New American Library, a division of Penguin Group (USA), Inc., and writes the blog BitchesonaBudget.com.

-- Rosalyn Hoffman

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