Money Q&A: Worried About Money?


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We’re in good shape financially, but I still worry a lot. What’s up?


Given the current economic climate, everyone's feeling anxiety. Your worry may stem from future concerns about job security, home values, and being able to afford starting a family. The more you continue to save through budgeting and building a strong emergency cushion, the more in-control you'll feel.

But also realize that your anxiety may not be about that number in the bank. Money can be a powerful psychological force because it’s wrapped up in our sense of security and self-worth. Plus, suppressing this financial freakout you’re having can leave you feeling seriously stressed. So figure out what it is you’re really worried about. Maybe it goes back to your family’s money values, issues you have with social status, your career, or an issue with your spouse. Try talking it through with your partner, a friend who’s also in good financial shape (complain to a struggling pal and she’ll probably just resent you), or your parents.

Nestpert Jean Chatzky, a money coach, the financial editor for the Today show, and the author of five books

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