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Is $ Hurting Your Marriage?

We don't think so. Money might not buy love, but it can sure affect your relationship. Take this quiz with your spouse to see if you're successfully co-managing your money -- or headed for trouble. -- By Laura Gilbert

Finish this sentence so it best reflects your attitude toward moolah: “Money is ______ .”

You get an unexpected tax bill and have to tell your sweets. You feel:

Do you know what it would take to survive on just one paycheck?

What type of mood were you in the last time you splurged on something just for you?

How did you feel after you made that unnecessary purchase?

Your honey announces that you two are taking a romantic getaway. You:

While browsing for office supplies, you spot a flat-screen TV that’s 75% off. Your cell is dead and someone else is eyeing it, so you:

Your spouse gets a $1,000 work bonus, takes you to dinner, then spends the rest of the money on a night out with friends. You feel:

If you are upset about money, it’s most likely because: